Paintball Pod Packs and Vests

A Paintball pod pack (a.k.a. harness) and pods are must-haves in Paintball! Together they keep you in-game for longer. With both you are able to carry extra ammo and rapidly refill your hopper mid-game. Don't be limited to your hopper capacity.

The most common harness size is 4+3+2: meaning you have 4 hard pod sleeves that retain their shape plus an additional 3+2 elastic pod sleeves—a total of 9 pod sleeves. Most players tend only to use the 4 and not the additional sleeves, but if you play Speedball or feel you still need more paint, 5+4+2 pod packs are also available (you can practically carry a whole case on your back 🙃).

Pods typically hold 140 Paintball rounds, but you can choose to get the Dye Lock Lids (160rds) to carry even more paint.

Enjoy woodsball/milsim? Grab a Paintball vest instead and stay in military garb—possibly even capitalizing on the MOLLE vest options.