Paintball Pod Packs / Vests – Pod Vest

A pod pack and pods are one of the 5 must haves for paintball. A pod pack and pods essentially allow you to carry more ammo into the game and depending on the packs and pods you can carry even more. The most common pod pack size is 4+3+2, meaning you have 4 hard pod sleeves that retain their shape  and a additional 3+2 elastic pod sleeves. Most players only tend to use the 4 and not the additional sleeves. And as far as pods, 140 rds is the most common size, but you can choose to get the Dye Lock Lids (160rds) or the Virtue PF 165 to carry even more paint. And if you feel you meed still more paint they also make 5+4+2 pod packs, which hold even more paint.