Finding The Barrel Sweet Spot 4/4

by Sky Friend on September 13, 2016 — Updated: November 28, 2019

We are your online source for all things paintball. We carry a wide range of used paintball guns, air systems, barrels, loaders, and more. In our previous blogs, we’ve seen how the length of your barrel and the quality of your bored barrel are important factors in the accuracy of your paintball gun’s shots.

When thinking about purchasing barrel components, one thing to consider is where you will be playing paintball. Most fields have the same Paintballs every week so you can depend on the size of the ball. In this instance, you can go ahead and have your barrel bored to fit that caliber ball. If you are a hyper ball player, playing a different field every week, you’ll want to get a full kit with inserts of varying size.

Insert Kits

An insert kit is a three piece barrel that is customized to a specific bore size and slides into the  back of the barrel. Good kits can give you the accuracy you need without increasing the length of the barrel too much. Because the kit pieces are short they also won’t compromise your air consumption. We carry Freak barrel Insert kits, such as the GOG Freak Aluminium Insert Kit + Deadlywind Fibur Barrel. The Knock Out Barrel Kit A/C Threaded Kit is a beauty to behold and has five barrel backs and 5 barrel tips. Can have a lot of fun finding just the right combination to maximize your range and accuracy for the range you frequent.

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