GOG Freak XL 8in Bore Master Kit - Autococker Thread

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The longer control bore keeps the air behind the ball for a longer period of time and as a result can transfer more of its energy to the paintball before being dispersed. This means that you get more out of every PSI you send down the barrel which results in greater efficiency, reduced sound signature, and lower operating pressure required by the marker just by switching to the Freak XL barrel.

Perfect protection for the Freak XL, this textile sided case is rigid enough to protect a Freak XL back, front, and inserts while compact enough to stash easily in a gear bag. An internal securement system locks down each component to keep it in place for a safe trip to the field whether it is across town or around the world.


  • Padded case
  • All-American, spiral-bore gloss black barrel front
  • Freak insert-ready gloss black barrel back
  • 8 inch aluminum control bores*
  • Insert bores:
    • .679
    • .682
    • .684
    • .687
    • .689
    • .691
    • .693
    • .695

*Only works with Freak XL Back and Freak XL Fronts.


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